The Rain is Beautiful Isn’t it Meaning

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The Rain is Beautiful Isn’t it Meaning

“The Rain is Beautiful Isn’t it?” This phrase is a more poetic way of saying I Love You My First Love.

Some Beautiful Words With Meaning

  • Aurora – The fact that this was chosen as the name of a fairy-tale princess kind of says it all. It was first the name for the Roman goddess of the dawn. But make no mistake—”aurora” isn’t just a proper noun. It also refers to the phenomenon when radiation emissions create a natural display of lights and colors in the sky. (That might be a little more beautiful than the word itself.)
  • Abyssopelagic – Just look at this one! While it is, admittedly, less-than-popular in common usage (and a little lengthy), the fun phonetic nuances in this 13-letter doozy make it too grand to ignore. The first five letters might give you a clue to its meaning; it’s an adjective indicating the deep regions of the ocean (or the “abyss”), as in, the “abyssopelagic zone.”
  • Mellifluous – This one seems at first glance like the perfect melding of “mellow” and “superfluous.” A total treat to say, “mellifluous” actually means “sweetly or smoothly flowing” or “sweet-sounding.” Now that’s a homological word (a word that describes itself)!
The Rain is Beautiful Isn't it Meaning
The Rain is Beautiful Isn’t it Meaning

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